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Mega G 1.5 Daytona Cobras

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 AFX Racemasters stock #70341.  Release Date:  2011. Color: Silver-Blue/White.  Car # 6. Wheels:   Grey or Brown.  Clear series with cardboard photo interior. Driven by Chris Amon and Jochen Neerspasch in the 1966 24 hours of LeMans.  Disqualified. Campained by Briggs S. Cunningham, Chassis #CSX2287. The only one made in America, other 5 made in Italy.  Color does not show well in photo.  Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock # 71250. Release Date:  2010.  Color:  Red.  Car # 59.   Wheels:   White. Clear series with cardboard photo interior. Driven by Peter Sutcliffe and Peter Harper in the 1966 24 hours of Le Mans.  This color livery was only used in the 1965 Le Mans with the distinctive Swiss colors. Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

Release Date:  2010. Color:  Chrome with black stripes. Car # 15.  Wheels:  Black. This was a set only car from the Restoration Hardware "Shelby Slot Car Racetrack" Set.  This was second RH released set.  Photos ©2015 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock # 70315.  Color:  Chrome with red stripes. Car # 9. Wheels:  Black. This car was released as a single car and also released in 2010 as part of the second Restoration Hardware set #2 (Stock # 71240).  Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Set STock # 71040.  Release Date:  2010.  Sold by Restoration Hardware only.  Cars Included:  Chrome Cobra Daytona (#9) and chrome Cobra Daytona (#15).  Approved by Carol Shelby.  The #9 lives today as a single car on the Mega-G chassis, but the #15 is a set only car and is rare. There was also a first version of the set released in 2008 with clear series SRT Cobra Daytona coupes (#7 and #15).  Photo ©2015 MSWaterlogged.

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