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Mega G 1.5 Porsches

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AFX Racemasters stock #21012.  Release Date:  2013.  Color:  White/Purple. Car # 1. Wheels:   White. Driven by Stefan Bellof in 1983.  Set record at Nurburgring.  Livery after tobacco advertising was banned.  Photo ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock #70300.  Color:  Blue/Orange.  Car # 17.  Wheels:   White.  Modeled after the 1991 Repsol sponsored car driven by Oscar Larrauri, Jesus Pareja and Walter Brun.  Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock #21011.   Release Date:  2013.  Color:  Red/White. Car # 14.  Wheels:   Brown.  Modeled after the 1983 Canon sponsored car driven by Jonathan Palmer, Jan Lammers and Richard Lloyd.  Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock #70301.  Color:  Red/Black.  Car # 5.   Wheels:   Brown. Modeled after the 1987 Coke/Yokohama sponsored car driven by Bob Akin and James Weaver. Photos ©2014 MSWaterlogged.

Tomy Stock # F5563.  This car was only sold on a Mega-G chassis in the Bathurst set in Australia.  It is possible Toy Traders upgraded a Super G+ set to the Mega-G chassis in order to sell remaining stock.  There cars were never sold individually as near as I can tell.  It was sold else where on an RT chassis.

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