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Super Magna-Traction Cars

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Text  courtesy of Kyle Sund


The AFX Super Magna-Traction cars were released in 1978 (1979?). There was virtually no mention of them in any Aurora advertising until they were rebranded around 1982/1983 as SP1000, and then only in dealer promotional films. Never included in a set, they were sold individually in both cubes and blister cards. The cubes featured bright green bases.  They share springs, brushes/brush tubes, armature, magnets, rear axle, and gears with the original G-Plus. All other parts are unique.


The Super Magna-Tractions are often misidentified as G-Plus, but are easily identified by their short pick up shoes and white 5 spoke  wheels. The rear cage was modified for use as the Blazin’ Brakes, Speed Shifter, and Cat’s Eyes chassis.

These chassis feature a square shaped rear axle cage and each a unique gear setup and black with silver six spoke G-Plus style wheels.


Ignored for decades, they’re becoming more popular since 2010. The more common bodies are often stripped of their chrome finishes to reveal unique casting colors.


Slightly shortening or weakening their pick up shoe springs dramatically improves performance and reduces shoe wear.

Super Magnatraction chassis schematic

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