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Tech Tips and Helps

This page contains links and other information to help make your AFX magnet slot cars work better as well as help trouble shoot potential problems.  I am not responsible for any of the information found on these sites.  They are listed solely for  your use.  Please let me know if any links do not work.

There are several HO Slot Car forums that contain a great deal of useful information (some forums are more active than others):


General HO Tips

For general help, tips on maintenance, videos and frequently asked questions, visit the AFXracing web site technical support pages: -->   Click here to visit


Paul Shoemaker's "Racing To The Future" site.  Lots of tips.  -->  Click here to visit

WHO Racing (UK) Tips.  -->  Click here to visit

Mega-G+ Tuning Tips

■ Break In --> Run car for 30 minutes at slow speed (beginner setting on Tri-Power pack) before racing, may increase top speed up to 10%.

■ AFX recommends 120 Ohm controller for best performance.

 Pickup shoes not contacting track  --> click for document


H.O. Slot Car Helpful Videos

Paul Shoemaker's Inline (magnet) Car videos

                                                          --> Click here to visit

AFX Racing How To videos   -->  Click here to visit


Super G+ Tuning Tips


General Tips   -->  Click here to visit


** G3 chassis very similar and based upon SG+  **

Gary Beedle Disassembly video  -->  Click here to view

Gary Beedle Assembly video       -->  Click here to view


Stripping Paint From Cars

Suggestions from users.  Test for yourself before using

■ Scale Coat Wash Away              ■ LA's Totally Awesome

■ Purple Power                              ■ 91% Rubbing Alcohol

■ Brake Fluid

Where to get HO Tires

[Not an exhaustive list] (Silicone) (Tom Heister) (Silicone) (Silicone) (Gelclaws)

David Swales (makes foam Tires)  Sells on Facebook

Mega G Tuning Tips

SCI tuning #1  --->  Click here to visit

SCI tuning #2  --->  Click here to visit

UK's Who Racing Tips  --->  Click here to visit

Additional Tips --->  Click here to view

Drag Racing Tips -->  Click here to visit

MG tuneup videos --> Click here

Racing Turbo Tuning Tips

Rob Heaton's Turbo tuning guide --> Download

G-Plus Tuning Tips

Super Magnatraction tuning tips --> Click here

Replacing G+ brushes -->  Click here

Misc. Items

          Photo copies of AFX Clear Interiors ->  View

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