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Mega G+ 1.7 Indy/Formula Cars

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The Mega G+ 1.7 cars were first released in 2015.  The chassis material is nylatron and it uses  Level 30 Neodymium traction magnets.  This is the third iteration of the Mega-G 1.7" wheelbase chassis.  It builds on the earlier versions but is improved with lower traction magnets, a can motor (FN20) for greater reliability,  redesigned stronger pickup shoes with a redundant power path to the motor, high carbon content brushes,  guide pin moved forward and a lighter chassis.   This chassis will fit most of the former long wheelbase Mega-G bodies with the exception of the formula cars and the Audi LMP cars.  The new formula bodies will fit the older Mega-G 1.7 chassis.  NOTE:  This chassis runs best when using a 120 ohm controller.  The older 70 ohm controllers for the Mega-G cars will not be as sensitive for this chassis.

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