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Aurora Super G-Plus Cars

In 1982 Aurora released a new line of cars based on the G+ chassis.  To quote the 1982 Aurora catalog, this Super G-Plus chassis had “new performance-plus H.O. scale race cars are engineered to break track records at lightning speeds and with phenomenal handling… and leave the completion behind.   It combines a unique monocoque chassis design, exclusive high energy gravity plus magnets and high density flux collectors for superior performance.”  The original designation for these cars was “Super G-Plus”.  They have also been called Super G Plus and just Super G+.  When the Super G+ cars were introduced, there was some confusion over the name since it was so similar to the Super G-Plus cars.  In addition, the same (or very similar) bodies were used for many Super G-Plus, G+ and Super G+ cars.  The Super G-Plus cars all had chassis with the orange magnets and orange gears.  In addition they came in the black and gold plastic packaging. How many of these cars were produced?  There seems to be a range of numbers, but not very many.

Six cars were shown in the 1982 catalog and 8 cars in the 1983 catalog although more were released during those years.  There were also several sets released with these cars.  The following list is courtesy of Bob Beers (Mr. Aurora).  This series of Super G-Plus cars and information is NOT complete.  I will add to it as I find new items.  My thanks to the folks that let me use their data and photos.

Aurora’s super G+ cars in the black and gold boxes. All with orange gearing and magnets.


1982 Assortment #22800

2815 chrome Indy

2816 chrome Lola

2837 McLaren F-1 (set car also)

2840 Villeneuve T-4

2845 F-1

2883 Andretti

2885 Ligier

2887 Saudi Williams

2888 Renault F-1 (set car also)

2891 6 wheel Elf

2893 Tissot Foil Essex

2894 Candy Tyrell

1982 sets

   20018 (G.P 1200). Renault F-1), McLaren F-1.

   20030 (G.P 1600)


2831 Lola T-330

2838 Elf Tyrell

2889 Indy Special

2804 Thunderbird

2805 Dodge Magnum

G+Plus chassis.jpg

Super G-Plus chassis  (courtesy of Bob Beers)

G+ packagine.jpg

Super G-Plus packaging and original design (courtesy of Bob Beers)

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