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I had numerous AFX cars as a teenager (T-jet 500) and a fairly large 2 lane track in my basement.  I got back into the hobby after I retired in 2012 and have set up a smaller track for the newer cars.  The magnet cars (Mega-G, SG+, SRT, RT and MegaG+) hold the track so much better than the pancake style cars making racing more enjoyable for me.  Many like the cars with no magnets and enjoy the slower speeds and ability to hang the rear of the cars out on turns, me I like the faster magnet versions.


The goal of this web site is to collect information about the AFX inline magnet cars.  While the vast majority of the cars listed here (and my primary effort) are U.S. releases, there are many from other countries that have snuck in, mostly Australia and Japan. In addition cars were released in England, Canada and other places, some unique to the country.  Since many of these have made their way into the US, they occasionally show up for sale on various sites.  My hope is to make this list as complete as possible.  Obviously this is a work in progress and will take some time (forever?) to complete.  For some of the older chassis (SG+, RT, and SRT), you will find links to other web sites that have already collected data on these cars.  There is no need to duplicate their efforts here.  I am making every effort to verify the information posted on this site, however due to the age of some of the chassis lines, data can be hard to find. When known I have listed the color of the wheels for each car when it came from the factory.  These may not be accurate since wheels and chassis are freely swapped by some folks (and even the factory) between cars.   If anyone has  photos, data (especially about any racing history) or knows of any cars not listed that should be, and they would like to share, please  contact me using the email address on the contact page.  Acknowledgements will be given.  Please see the sources page for additional links and data sources that I have used.


Enjoy the hobby, have fun and don't worry about getting too serious about it!  Join us on the Slot Car Illustrated and Hobby talk forums as well as FaceBook (AFXracing) to talk about this great hobby.


My thanks to:

  • Steve Russell at Racemasters, Inc. for giving permission to use and providing numerous photos, logos and other information.

  • Dave Armstrong, Dale Brigham, John Cukras, Jon DeVore, Gary Fast, Gareth, Morry, Peter James (Lots of Australia stuff), RJ Keenan, Jeff King, Hidenori Ohtomori, Doug Passell, Andy Player,  Mike Smith (Super G Man),  John Shea, Paul Shoemaker, Alan Strang,, Kyle Sund, Craig White, Kevin Woodward and many others for contributing photos, layouts, and other information.

  • Brad Bowman ( for correcting multiple errors on the RT chassis page.

Privacy Policy

I do not sell or collect any personal information from people using this site.  Note:  The hit counter does collect IP addresses, country of origin and browser type.  These data are NOT used for any purpose other than to see where around the world people are from that make use of this site.

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