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Jim Norton started a topic Repair, resurrect AURORA AFX track better than new!

in HO Scale Slot Cars

03-29-2014, 12:52 PM  Old Slot Car Illustrated Post


I have stumbled upon a method which will strengthen, repair and even resurrect old Aurora AFX track which has been historically plagued with cracked and broken tabs. It takes less then a minute to repair a cracked tab and about 5 to surgically attach a transplanted tab to a piece where the tab is broken off.

Below is the short and sweet method:

First, this is what you need.

1) liquid glue
2) a razor saw
3) Evergreen .125 x .125 styrene strips

Next, Take the razor saw and cut a piece of the strip styrene to the length of the tab cavity. What is great about the .125 x .125 strips is that these snugly fit within the tab cavity. Next, put a small amount of liquid glue into the bottom of the tab cavity, push the cut piece of styrene into the cavity, then brush glue along the top. That's it! Less than a minute of work! I usually stand the track on its end so that all the weight of the piece bears on the tab as it cures.or you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

I have successfully resurrected track pieces with the tabs completely broken off and long gone by cutting a good tab from a bad track and grafting it on as shown below. This takes a little more time as it is crucial to position the tab square and properly spaced. I once restored a set of original AFX S turns destined to the trash through doing this!

I have found this method has allowed me to use many of the unique Aurora pieces no longer offered by TOMY. And, I have amassed a pretty good collection of dependable original Aurora AFX track.

Give it a whirl!

Jim Norton
Huntsville, AL

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