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Suggested Methods To Clean Your Slot Car Track

(Tips from numerous users on various forums.  Use suggestions at your own risk)

   Warning:  Make sure any compound you use around your track is safe for plastics!!!  Best practice is to put any cleaning compound on a clean micro fiber cloth and wipe with that.  DO NOT spray cleaner directly onto track.


  • Clean the rails to remove dirt and corrosion

    • Use a nickel to clean the corrosion off the rails.  Simply hold it flat and push it around each lane.

    • Use a wide easer on the rails (Staedtler white or pink versions).

    • Use fine sandpaper (similar to what is found in the AFX tune up kits).  Be gentle.

    • Use denatured alcohol.

    • Some recommend cleaners like 409, but warn you need to keep the water based liquid from getting down in the rail grooves.  Wipe off quickly after applying.

    • WD-40, Inox, CRC 2-26, Deoxit or other anti corrosion products.

    • Scotch Brite cleaning pad or similar

  • Clean your track (easy on amount of any cleaner you use)

    • WD-40

    • Washable lint roller

    • Vacuum cleaner

    • Lint free rag

    • Spic and Span spray cleaner

  • Clean the connections where the track pieces attach to each other

    • Dremel with small wire brush

    • Fine sandpaper

    • Scrape with a knife

    • Fine file

    • If needed bend metal tabs slightly to make a better connection with the next track piece

  • Check height of rails

    • Visually inspect rail height.  Sometimes they get pushed down too far into the plastic track

    • If too low, push up from the underside till they are the correct height

    • If rail is too low, but will not stay pushed up

      • Push rail up past correct height.

      • insert small piece of round toothpick under rail at end of track piece, break off rest of toothpick.

      • Push rail down using a small block of wood and small hammer.  Toothpick will prevent if from going too far down

  • Using the AFX track cleaning tool  [Click here]​​

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