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Mega G Tuning Tips

(May apply to other chassis as well)

  • Pickup Shoes

    • Make sure they are clean and not too worn.

      • To clean:  Use a Dremel type tool with fine wire brush, old typewriter eraser, very fine sandpaper, other mildly abrasive tool.  They should look shiny and bright without any deep grooves.

    • Make sure they are flat against the track rails.

      • Bend shoes as needed to make sure they fit flat against the track rails and are lined up correctly.  Look at the shoes from the front to make sure they are “square” on the rails and not bent to one side.

    • Make sure they are tight against the brush barrels making good contact

      • To tighten:  Remove shoe and bend the curve around a 3/32” drill bit.  Make sure the inside of the loop is also clean and shiny.  Reinstall and check they fit tightly.

    • You can swap left and right shoes to extend their life (sometimes) as the wear on them might be different due to alignment on the track rails.

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