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MegaG+ 1.7 Corvettes
(Click On Photo And/Or Click Arrows For Different Views)

AFX Racemasters stock #:  22011.  Release Date:  2022.  Color:  Torch Red.  No Car #.  Wheels: Grey. Available as a single and also part of the Super Cars set.  Photo ©2022 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters stock #:  22013.  Release Date:  2022.  Color:  Accelerate Yellow.  No Car #.  Wheels: Black. Photo ©2022 MSWaterlogged

AFX Racemasters stock # 22055. Release Date: 2023. Color Red w/ yellow flames.  Wheels:  grey 5 spoke.  Photo ©2023 MSWaterlogged.  

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