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MegaG+ 1.7 Chevelle

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AFX Racemasters stock # 22022.  Release Date: 2020.  Color:  Blue with white stripes.  No car #.  Wheels:  Grey. Photo ©2020 MSWaterlogged. Only in the exclusive Horizon Hobby Distributor set "Big Block Shotout".

AFX Racemasters Stock #22050.  Chevelle SS 454. Release Date:  2021.  Color: Yellow.  No Car #. Wheels:  Grey 5 spoke.  Photo ©2021 MSWaterlogged.

AFX Racemasters Stock #22043.  Release Date:  2021.  Color: Red.  No Car #. Wheels:  Grey 5 spoke.  Photo ©2021 MSWaterlogged.  In memory of John “The Jet” Cukras.

AFX Racemasters stock # 22087.  Release Date: 2023. Color:  Black w/ Grey Hood Stripes (Don't show well in photo).  No car #.  Wheels:  Chrome. Has 1972 license plate.  Photo ©2023 MSWaterlogged.

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