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Super G+ (SG+) Chassis

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 AFX Racemasters stock #9823.  Release Date: 1989-1990.  Chassis material:  Lexan plastic. In 2003/2004 the chassis material was changed to Nylatron for durability.  Traction Magnets: Polymer. This chassis was an improved version of the G+.  It included long polymer magnets, adjustable motor timing, cantilever brush design with precision balanced armature and was lighter than previous versions.  It was equipped with a 7 tooth pinion gear and a 25 tooth crown gear.  This chassis included a removable body clip for the attachment of non-formula wide bodies.  In addition, a similar to stock SG+ chassis was produced with a metal band wrapping around the rear of the chassis to hold the rear axle in place.   Thanks to John Cukras for some of this information.  There were two versions of the Super G+ chassis: shiny black and matte grey. The shiny black chassis was older, made in the early 1980s from glass-filled nylon tooling. The matte grey chassis was the newer version, made in 2006 with more advanced Nylatron. From that point on any new production was the matte grey version only, regarded as the better version for performance and durability.

The reason for the change to Nylatron in 2006 stemmed from a problem with some of the shiny black chassis’. About 1 in 5 black chassis’ had clear breakage in the area to the right side of the traction magnet. To know if this problem is affecting your Super G+ shiny black chassis, you’d need to inspect the area closely. 

The Super G+ chassis, along with all previous chassis’, were discontinued in 2007 with the emergence of the AFX Mega G chassis.   Photos ©2015 MSWaterlogged .

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